Couldn't find owncloud.conf

I have up and running ownCloude 10.0.3 installed from ownCloud Appliances.
And I tried to implement "4.11 Changing Your ownCloud URL" from "ownCloud Server Administration
Unfortunatelly find / - name "owncloud.conf" shows nothing.

Please suggest wich files to update to change URL?


since you are using the appliance it's not as easy if you had a normal server.

I think it's not possible to change the base url, as for now.

I've found this thread in the univention Forum, there you can find more information.

Is this what you're trying to do?

The official ownCloud appliance seems to be based on Ubuntu Linux, so you may need to search for the Apache configuration file (httpd.conf) if this is used, and look for the ownCloud configuration (check any virtualhost and site-specific configuration files).

yes it was exactly I tried. By-the-way applience based on Debian 4.9.30

dmitry, thanks for link.

Anyway thanks to all and I think to start from scratch with Ubuntu and install from distribution package.

It would be better if you would install it via the tar ball - it's cleaner and you will have to trouble updating it.