Crash debugging of owncloud desktop client on Windows


We build a customed version of owncloud desktop client (version 1.8.4). The build is done on Suse (there was no docker at that time I think) with a cross compilation for Windows and MacOS. Both build work fine.
We have an issue now, the application is in some conditions (during a big sync) crashing on Windows and we are not able to find the cause of the crash. The Owncloud Desktop Client of the same version build by Owncloud has no crash issue.
What we would like to do is to debug our customed Desktop client in order to find the exact code line were the crash occurs.

We tried following procedure without success:

Did someone have a similar problem? What was the procedure to run the application in debug mode under Windows?


Can only recommend to upgrade to desktop client 2.3 ... ownCloud GmbH also offers a commercial branding service which can be used for such cases to get a supported and working version.

This is not only a rebranding, we added a new window in the app with additional functionalities. Not sure an upgrade to 2.3 would help as Owncloud build version 1.8.4 works well, only our customed version has this crash issue.
We contacted already Owncloud that guided us to this community forum.

You don't want to use 1.8.4, really. It makes absolutely no sense to push a nearly two year old version [1] to your users which contains known bugs and limitations.


Yes, we will probably do it when we get the budget for it.
Is there a way to run Owncloud in debug mode under windows? For this bug or any potential other bug. The bug is not necessarily linked to Owncloud code but we are stucked to Owncloud build procedure.