Crash on windows 10

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owncloud allways crash


Unfortunately, with this information it is not possible to give a viable solution.
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Erwin Palma

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Are you using VFS?
If yes, have you tried uninstalling, removing your owncloud.cfg from %appdata%\owncloud\ and reinstalling?

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NO, I’m not using VFS

Having (or had) the same issue - Owncloud version 2.7.5 build 3180 installed on Windows 10 (20H2), out of the blue, Owncloud client just started crashing. I tried a repair - no luck. I uninstalled, renamed the C:\Users\MyName\AppData\Roaming\owncloud folder to preserve the settings. I then did a clean install. Owncloud is no longer crashing, but when I tried to copy the config file from the old directory to the new, it crashed again. I put the new config back and no more crashing. So then I decided to go with the new install and recreate the synchronizations - only now I have a new problem, before the new install I could synchronize my U: drive - a mapping to my NAS - but now I get an error - Warning: You have no permission to write to the selected folder! So now I am unable to sync my NAS shares.

Can you open a powershell, and start ownCloud client with the following command:

& 'C:\Program Files (x86)\ownCloud\owncloud.exe' --logfile - --logflush | Write-Host 

You might have to adjust the path C:\Program Files (x86)\ownCloud\owncloud.exe to your owncloud.exe

This should output the exact error message right in the powershell and if you paste it here we can look at it together.

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The command provided does not work. I changed the path to where my install is located, and this is the output - I tried various iterations - no luck. I tried --help and /help and /? to see if I could get help on syntax and it doesn’t work either.

PS C:\WINDOWS\system32> ‘C:\Program Files\ownCloud\owncloud.exe’ --logfile - --logflush | Write-Host
At line:1 char:44

  • ‘C:\Program Files\ownCloud\owncloud.exe’ --logfile - --logflush | Wri …
  •                                        ~~~~~~~

Unexpected token ‘logfile’ in expression or statement.
At line:1 char:1

  • ‘C:\Program Files\ownCloud\owncloud.exe’ --logfile - --logflush | Wri …

The ‘–’ operator works only on variables or on properties.
+ CategoryInfo : ParserError: (:slight_smile: [], ParentContainsErrorRecordException
+ FullyQualifiedErrorId : UnexpectedToken

In order to execute a quoted command you need to prefix the command with an &

& 'C:\Program Files\ownCloud\owncloud.exe' --logfile - --logflush | Write-Host

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DOH! My bad. Okay, so I get a whole lot of output that says it is working fine with the one local directory I have set up to sync to my owncloud sever. When I try to add a folder on a mapped drive to a share on my NAS, the UI says that I don’t have write permissions to the directory (which I do) and the powershell output has nothing on this action until I cancel the operation 02-09 05:34:20:430 [ info gui.account.settings ]: Folder wizard cancelled.

FYI, in the middle of this, the client upgraded - so now I am running 2.7.6 (build 3261) - but still no difference.


personally i would report a crash of a software to a bugtracker rather then to a user support forums. From what i know the ownCloud development team is accepting such reports at

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We think we have a fix in the latest 2.9 pre-release builds:

In case it still crashes, please report back with the new crash ID, so the team can have another look.

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