Create a folder to store all external storage folders for users

Recently we have being forced to shuffle around our Jobs directory. ownCloud/Ubuntu does not like symbolic/junction links as it turns out.

So my issue is I used to have all our Active Jobs accessible to our users only via external storage. This worked well. Now as they are still technically located there in our servers, except we created a bunch of smaller file servers to actually host the files and symbolically linked them so that filepaths were not changed. I will mention that we created these symbolic links in winserver 2008 r2.

As I can connect to each file server no problems I can actually get all this data back. However. I run into the problem that it makes the Home directory messy.

So instead when indvidially connecting the home dir would look like below (Bold represents external)



However I would really like to place all the external directory under another folder to keep it neat and call it say jobs


Jobs/ 2007
Jobs/ 2008
Jobs/ 2009
Jobs/ 2010

So you would neatly see

Does anyone have any advice where I can start looking to adjust this.

Thanks in advance

You can specify folder name when creating a new external mount. Even you can give path inside another folder like Documents/Jobs.

Also you can use occ command to change config of a already mounted external storage with command like below:

"sudo -u www-data ./occ files_external:config $mount_id mountpoint $new_path"