Create a "sign-up" page



okay, I have found a question about this in here How to create a user sign up form for owncloud user

but there’s no solution for this (try to seek the “registration plugin” but nothing shows up)

I have made a simple page with a ajax request using “User Provisioning API” but it needs basic authentication first before I can add a new user

How can I pass that ?


You can add @NoAdminRequired and @NoCSRFRequired annotions to your controller method. See:


Hmm, I thought you are writing an ownCloud app first. The proper way is creating a basic owncloud app for this purpose.



maybe this app is already doing what you’re looking for?


Thanks for recommending this plugin…
But, right after I enable this plugin, the ownCloud say it has “code integration failed” or something like that
and then I can’t open the setting page anymore from the admin account…

Maybe there’s some setup phase that I don’t do in the right way ?


I’m trying to DIY the registration page, but I’m not planning to make a plugin of it…

I kinda confused tho, there’s a plugin for the registration like @tom42 said above, but the plugin make the setting page breaks and can’t be accessed anymore…



maybe that registration app isn’t fully compatible with the recent ownCloud versions and needs an update?