Create my own OwnCloud Login page

Hello everybody

I want to create my own ownCloud Login page. I have read all the Theming documents. I don't want to only change the logo and background colors, I want to add html code like div or table ...etc. I tried to find the .html file to edit but I did not find it. I think it is some how automatically generated through a php code.

Can anyone tell me where to start? I am new to ownCloud. I am running oC 8.2.9

Thank you for your help

I forgot to say that I want to theming the web-frontend

I don't think that its recommended to try to theme an unsupported version like 8.2

I do not have another choice because i cannot update to the new version. The hosting sever ( company) does not support the new versions of oC. That’ s why I have to theme version 8.2

Then i think its time to switch the hosting provider. ownCloud 8.2 is really something you don't want to run on a productive system and you would need to rework your whole theming once the system is running 10.0.