Create user admins to manage groups and users

Hey guys,

is there a chance to create an extra security role to have user admins?

Those moderators should be able to create and manage new groups and users.
But on the other hand I do not want them to be able to see the admin or config section of the installation.


The Groupadmin has this role. We are preparing a function for the custom groups which allows only this groupadmin to create them. We have also enabled the impersonate app to be available for such groupadmins.
Yes, creation of new groups and renaming groups (generally missing) is next in line but will take a little but, would you be interested to help with development?

The installation/code on the system is already seperated between Systemadmin and ownCloudAdmin. We did two security enhancements there for 10.0 including disallow of local mounts. Second item was to take away the ability to see the log file. Let me know if you find other stuff the ownCloud Admin should not be able to do by himself.

Hello, did you create the possibility to grant to a user the creation and editing of groups?

2 choices: Custom groups, check out the app. Groupadmin: can only take care of the groups you give him and can basically add users to it. New once, not existing once.

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