Create Users doesn´t work


I Installed ownCloud )10.3.2 on Ubuntu 18

I tried to create users but It doesn´t work because It doesn´t create users folder

I can create users using shell prompt

Somebody knows what´s happening

Thank you

Did you check the logs

There is a template for server issues, please fill it out so people here can help you effectively.
There are just too many variables regarding your setup, why it might not be able to create the user folder, depending on what storage backend you’re using.

Additionally can you answer the following questions:

Have/do you:

  • created the user in the WebUI?
  • created the user with the occ command?
  • been able to log in as the user?
  • checked whether the user folder is being created only once the user logs in?
  • use network storage/S3?