Creating A Custom Group/Keeping Track Of Public Downloads

My ownCloud contains a number of public downloadable files. There doesn’t seem to be any way to keep track of what is being publicly downloaded.

I understand it’s possible to create a custom group in ownCloud, which I’ve done. I’ve done that because I’d like to place the public downloads inside the custom group and keep track of the custom group’s downloads. I’ve gone to Settings>Sharing and can’t figure out how to enable the logging of custom group download activity.

Another thing is that I won’t be able to put any names in the custom group because the public downloads are for general public access. These are helpful, community orientated files available to download without registration or passwords.

  1. Could I keep track of public downloads that have been allocated to the custom group if there are no names in the custom group?
  2. Could I keep track of public downloads that have not been allocated to any group or to any specific downloader’s name?

Issue 13158 is not any help.

The public downloads are showing up. Just needed one or two settings changed.