Creating home dir and files at account creation

As part of some services that we’re building on top of owncloud, I need to be able to have account creation also immediately generate the new account’s home directory and file structure. I gather this was the default a few versions back and don’t see why it wasn’t left as an option in the current version, instead of making people hand-code it.

So, is there a straightforward way to automatically create the user’s directory structure when their account is created?

Account initialization has to be done on first login because some functionalities require the users password.

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Is it possible for me to pass that along in any API calls or the like? We have users creating accounts on our system, which in turn creates storage accounts in our Owncloud installation, and need to be able to mount their storage up to other internal services of ours immediately without them having to go and actually load their storage view first. We already do this to create accounts via the API, so it seems silly that we can’t actually initialize their storage this way.