Creating separate "New Folder" whilst creating and naming a folder


I run ownCloud version 10.7.0 [Stable]
OC client version 2.8.2 build 4246
Win10 Pro [1909] build 18363 1556 client host OS.

Whenever I create a new folder and proceed to give it a name, ownCloud will initially error while trying to sync “New Folder”. Once the naming process is complete, the freshly made folder with the correct name is synced OK, but so to is a separate folder called “New Folder”.

It appears that the client process initially creates a folder called “New folder” in the background, while user facing it presents the naming dialog. Once a name is provided, Windows then performs a rename operation on “New Folder”. I’m only guessing that this is the behavior, from what I observe.

The machine isn’t terribly fast and wifi maybe a bit slow also, so I thought that there is possibly more lag than normal. I have repeated this on a faster machine with the current up to date Win10 OS and reasonable net connectivity, noting a different and correct behavior.

The client “activity” tab also shows a distinctly different “action” for the above two scenarios, where the “faulty” client shows:
“…\New Folder” with a “downloaded” action
“…\newly named folder” with an “uploaded” action.

By contrast the “good” client behavior shows:
“…\New Folder” with an “uploaded” action.
“…\newly named folder” with a “moved to newly named folder” action.

So for the “good” client, the “downloaded” action is never seen, even when waiting a while before completing the naming process.

Its probably an edge case on that one machine, but just wanted some thoughts.on avoiding this and the subsequent need to delete “New folder” each time. I’ve tried the iOS client and it can sit all day on the “New Folder” dialog, waiting for a name and not be fooled into creating a separate “New Folder” folder. The latter may not be a fair test as the iOS client doesn’t appear to register any folder creation at all until the naming process has been completed and “done” is selected.


Sorry, In my initial description, I meant to add that the client is using virtual files and when comparing with another machine, it also used a different client account.


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