Creating users in version



HI, when I try to create a user in version it keeps saying “Error creating user, invalid email address”. I also by chance installed yesterday the previous version where we used username and password and it worked fine. I have changed php to 7.1 from 5.6 and it makes no difference. Any help gratefully received. Thanks.

Create new user: mail-address wrong

I think valid email is required to send link for password creation


Hi, yes agreed, but it will not recognise any email address as being valid, even Hotmail or Office 365 …


I just tried and it worked for me


Did you configure an email server for sending emails in ownCloud general section first?


HI Dmitry, when I try to set user email and configure mail server it just keeps showing a red “invalid email address” message. If I leave it on php mailer then I don’t get any error about invalid email but I do get a message saying you must set your user email before it can work.


Yeah you need to finish the email server configuration and also do it correctly so that emails can be send out.

In the mean time the error message “invalid something” is valid because you did not yet finished a valid configuration.


In case you are looking for the old way without email address, see the cog icon at the bottom left and switch back to “password mode”. See


First go to the users tab in your ownCloud:

Click on the gear icon, select “Set password for new users”

That’s basically what @PVince81 wrote in the post above, but with nice pictures :slight_smile:


OK thanks a lot all :slightly_smiling_face: