CSRF Check failed followed by no connection


I left my system running overnight to upload some files to my OwnCloud server, When I came into the office this morning, I had issues which you can see with the screenshot attached.

Originally, when trying to login I got the message “Access Denied, CSRF check failed”. After logging into the server, it won’t connect at all, displaying all sorts of errors.

Unfortunately, someone else set this up for me and all I had to do was log in and upload files/create users and therefore don’t know much of the server side. Can anyone begin to provide any guidance or even offer a remote support to attempt and fix the issue? We use the ownCloud software for our church and the software is hosted on a DigitalOcean server.


Failed to connect to the database

Yeah… your database seems to have an issue.

Quickfix would be just to restart the mysql service

sudo service mysql restart

Do you use dokerized ownCloud (ownCloud docker container)?

Is it a dedicated server with ownCloud on it?

what version is it?


I have tried restarting the database and it has had no affect. See screenshot below. Do you have any further debugging advice. Sorry for being such a newbie but server side of this stuff I have no clue.

Your disk is full - isn’t it?


Well, I don’t actually know. That screenshot would perhaps say so but between myself and ministers wife, we haven’t even touched that much space. The main problem just now is that I can’t even get logged in or connect to the DB to even check. Any solution?

check where are the heavy files, if they are just old backups / temporary files or log files you can delete them. Doing so will grant you space and then you can access your ownCloud again.

Another solution - if it’s a virtual system you are running - you can increase the disk size.


the screenshots shows that your root partition is completely full so a solution would be to free up space or extend the partition as @dmitry has suggested.