"cURL error 60: Peer's Certificate has expired" when trying to update

Hello people,

when i try to update to ownCloud 9.0.11 by the Updater at the Webinterface the Initializing stop with this error:

“[GuzzleHttp\Exception\RequestException] e”
“cURL error 60: Peer’s Certificate has expired”

Can anyone help me ? The certificate is valid until the end of this month.
when i browse to the owncloud with safari, chrome or firefox the certificate is always ok and valid.

What can be the reason for this problem ?
Do i have to update the certificate anywhere in owncloud ?
is another certificate used for the updater ?

Greetings Daniel


maybe an manual update could be an alternative? There have been various issues reported within the updater app recently so personally doing a manual update is something i would prefer over using the updater app.

I didn´t installed the OC but now i have to manage it -.-
the server is running on a plesk. i have to look how to do an manual update on plesk.

But this doesn´t solve the problem with the expired certificate which is still valid…
Do i have to save the certificate somewhere directly in the owncloud ?


as 9.0.11 is quite outdated i would give the manual upgrade a try to see if this is already solves your issue. Maybe some systems that outdated versions is trying to contact have an expired certificate or similar?

ill tried it with the manual update.

but when i sturt the update from the console i got the error that i am using php 5.4 …and to use the newer php 5.6

but when i call php -v in the console im using php 5.6…

im getting crazy with this owncloud


i don’t think that the PHP version check is wrong so maybe the console command is redirected to the wrong PHP version on your server?