Custom logo.svg and others


I have been working on building a custom theme for Owncloud 10.0.4 and noticed the document is lacking some info. For example: to change the logo on the login page, copying your own logo.svg to /theme-something/core/img is not sufficient. I only got this to work by also copying styles.css and header.css to /theme-something/core/css

This also required me to copy all the other images due to the relative path usage in the css files.

I'm not sure if this is how it was intended to work. If not, it's a bug, else the document could go a bit more in detail on this.

If you look in the theming documentation, the first line says:

Copy and extend an existing theme or create one from scratch

To me that means copy the example theme, which would have solved your problem.

Actually, not as the example theme does not include the header.css and the custom logo only displays if I have this in my theme folder.

Also it's a suggestion, not a requirement. Only thing required is the appinfo/info.xml

If you read a bit further under the section "How to override images" it does not mention the dependencies on css files. I also don't think it was intended to work like this as it works without having the css files for logo-icon.svg. Just not for logo.svg

I think you're misunderstanding what the instructions mean. They mean copy the whole example theme folder, including subfolders, to your own theme folder, and modify it there. All theming files are contained in the example theme.

Not sure what the point is of your reply. As I already stated, the header.css is not in the example theme and without this header.css in place it does not work for me on 10.0.4.