Custom ownCloud Desktop Build does not include Frameworks Folder

Hello, We built ownCloud desktop client, it works nicely, but there’s no Frameworks folder in our build. What I mean is:
Go to /Applications/ and you will see there’s a folder called “Frameworks” which includes:

  • QtConcurrent.framework
  • QtCore.framework
  • QtDBus.framework
  • QtGui.framework
  • QtMacExtras.framework
  • QtNetwork.framework
  • QtPrintSupport.framework
  • QtSvg.framework
  • QtWidgets.framework
  • QtXml.framework
  • Sparkle.framework

But in my build I don’t have Frameworks folder, oddly, the app works, but I think it creates problems when we try to code sign the app and package. What do you think? Is app working because I have *.framework frameworks in the computer I did the building process and not work on a Mac with no Qt packages?

This one is a hard problem to solve because I can’t find a soft place to start digging the problem. Thanks guys.

Just saw, you’re already working with dev team :+1: