Custom owncloud logo theme

Hi everyone
Every time I manually update owncloud I have to copy my logo-icon.svg to /owncloud/core/img/ even though I have a theme set in /owncloud/themes/customtheme and the images

Can someone tell me what else I should change so owncloud looks for /owncloud/themes/customtheme instead of the one in core


You could customize oc design without hacking core files.

A good point to start is to copy the example theme folder and rename it to whatever you want.

then you have to edit the /owncloud/config/config.php file and add your theme here
'theme' => 'customtheme',

Also please have a look into the manual for further informations and examples
Available config.pgp parameters:

Theming ownCloud:

BTW: OC switch theme back to core after updating to prevent (possible) inconsistent functionality with custom themes ( things might change, its an update :wink: ). All you have to do is to edit the config.php to set your custom theme again.

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Hi lahmizzar, thanks for your reply
After a manual update, I just copy my config.php back into /owncloud/config
It already contains the 'theme' => 'customtheme',
Will read the manual and try to work it out

I added the following to my customtheme styles.css

/* use logos from theme */

header .logo {

    background-image: url('../img/logo-icon.svg');
    width: 250px;
    height: 121px;

Working now
Thanks again

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Is there anyway to change the theme from the Admin page? It would be nice to be able to switch back without having to drop to the command line to do it :slight_smile: Or have I missed a trick lol


there is an app available allowing this:

However it might be possible that its not compatible with current oC versions

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