Custom Prefix Keys & Memcached or Redis?



I have several instances of OC running on a server. My server admin tells me we can't use redis or any opcaching, "because the cache will mix up data"

I recently read this post:

My server admin says that a developer who does custom work for Owncloud, could possibly enable "custom keys" and then memcaching would work with multiple OC installs?

Is there a forum, or freelancer site that would be best for hiring a coder who specializes in Owncloud custom tasks like these that would allow me to use redis or memcaching with multiple instances installed?


If you have different databases, instance ID, passwordsalts, secret there should be no problem implementing a redis server and apcu for memcaching


I use several owncloud instances on the same server, and there is absolutely no problem with memcaching.

Redis keeps the data separate automatically because of the different instanceids in owncloud config.php - thats the "custom key" your admin meant.


So, what is it specifically what you want to achieve?