Custom Theme "Logo Claim"


I would have a quick question about the theme creation. I am starting with the sample theme and I do not really have issues.
However there are to items in the top. The title and LOGO Claim. I do not understand what Logo Claim is.


As you see there is the title and below the “Logo Claim” I could just keep it empty but this is not the point since I would like to understand it. The Default theme, does not have any other text. Could someone tell me what the logo claim is?

getLogoClaim Returns the logo claim.

I would just like the name only


Thanks for the tip, and sorry if I missed something obvious.

Best wishes,

I was never concerned with theming, but in my understanding, the logo claim is just a piece of additional text you can supply, eg ‘Best cloud at heaven!’. Or you can leave it empty, as like in the default theme.


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