Custom theming of OC

Good afternoon OC folks! I am wanting to customize my OC installation (CSS, Javascript, etc). I am running OC within Windows 10 using Ubuntu for Windows (16.04). I installed OC using
My docker-compose.yml file is located here: rootfs\root\owncloud-docker-server

and my installation of OC runs fine (YAY)!
However, I do not see any “owncloud” folder under var/www nor in mnt/data. Any ideas?

have you entered the docker container?

I figured out how to “enter” my docker container using docker exec. Here is what I get when I do ls -a

/var/www/owncloud # ls -a
.   .htaccess  AUTHORS       COPYING  config       core      custom            index.html  l10n  occ  ocs-provider  remote.php  settings    updater
..  .user.ini  apps     console.php  cron.php  db_structure.xml  index.php   lib   ocs  public.php    resources   status.php  version.php

I still cannot see any of these files inside of my local file system however. How is one supposed to edit these?

Please inform yourself about how docker works before working with docker :slight_smile: