Custom user permissions

Hello community,

Is there a way to customize my users’ permissions? Needed:

  • Users cannot upload files or create folders. They can only access the files and folders that I share.
  • Users cannot rename shared folders and files.
  • Users cannot reject a shared folder.
  • Users cannot post comments.

It is surprising that on a platform as widespread as this, there is no clear way to do these things.

Thanks in advance. Regards,


i think this is already possible by setting a users quota to 0 bytes.

I don’t think that you can define such permissions in ownCloud. It seems you can only enable the following:

Automatically accept new incoming local user shares

described here:

But allowing / giving the user the freedom to remove a share seems to me like a design decision by the ownCloud makers.

I think you just can disable the “Comments” app to disallow posting comments.

If there is anything missing on about the asked items then i think you could notify the ownCloud people at so that they can improve the documentation.

Posting a feature request for the ownCloud people about missing permission handling in ownCloud at could be something which i think could make sense as well.

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