Customize OwnCloud docker in persistent way

Server configuration

Ubuntu Server 22.04.3 LTS

MariaDB 10.11

ownCloud docker version: (see ownCloud admin page)

Where did you install ownCloud from:
Docker official image

Hi all,
I need to customize “php.ini” inside my running owncloud docker image, to allow upload of big files, as explained in the docs (Big File Upload Configuration)

But I have the following problems:

  1. First: there’s no text editor in the container (neither vi nor nano);
  2. I see two different php.ini in the docker container, which one is the one to be edited ?
    • /etc/php/7.4/apache2/php.ini
    • /etc/php/7.4/cli/php.ini
  3. Every change in the container gets lost on every up and down docker compose command

How to be able to make this customizations and make them persistent upon reboots and even version upgrades ?

Thanks and bye,

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