Dashboard icon size


I’m on Ubuntu Mate 18.01. The icon size in the dashboard is very large and exceeds the size of the dashboard (about 92 pixels).
The client-version of owncloud is 2.4.1+dfsg-1.
Is it a bug or is there something to do to reduce the icon size.
Thanks in advance.

Could you check with the 2.5.1 from https://owncloud.org/download/#owncloud-desktop-client-linux ? Please post a screenshot if it’s not fixed. Gnome or KDE? Do you use any kind of HiDPI scaling?


Yes, you’re right. I’ve installed the 2.5.1 version but also disabled the HiDPI (High resolution scaling in the Windows option of Mate Tweak, a clone of Gnome-tweak), made a shutdown, restart and re-enabled the HiDPI scaling. It works fine now.
I had disabled it and re-enabled it before but without shutdown and restart (I didn’t really think about it because I had enabled HiDPI scaling before the installation of Owncloud).
Thank you very much.

No the problem has reappear.
Here is a screenshot :

i have just tried to do what you did and owncloud-logo looks fine for me with size 92 pixels.

in my opinion as user Tweak-tools and customizing sometimes don’t give the expected results and that doesn’t mean that something is buggy .

Thank’s for what you’ve done.
It’s probably the High resolution option (windows rescaling) of Mate-tweaks which create this problem (there is also a rescaling of the icons of the dashboard).