Data Directory Location

Hi, I am a novice. I only have an economy hosting plan - no shell access, only ftp and cPanel equivalent.

I uploaded the files and then started setting up. I did not realise that the data file needed to be outside of the mycloud installation so now it's in the wrong place. I also don't have SSL.

Should I move the data file? How do I do it?

Thanks for your patience & any assistance.


moving the datadir is currently unsupported:

You can either leave your datadir in your web root and let it stay protected by the .htaccess file shipped with oC or do a fresh installation and configure the new location during the install.

Thank you for responding.

What file permissions does the data directory require if it stays in the web root?


the needed permissions are described at (There is a searchbox there where you can put in the word "permissions" to find it).

Unfortunately I did go to that document and use those and it didn't work. I had to undo it all again with some help from my host provider but the installation is still not working as it should.

Please create a new thread for this new issue and describe with more details what "didn't work" and what issues you're facing. Obviously its hard to help here when providing no details about that issue.