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Recently,I am using Data Exporter for the data migration in the owncloud from POSIX to Object format. Everything works fine but I am not able to transfer the folders shared to a particular user from another user. Is there any way to do this?

The shares are expected to be created between both instances while you’re migrating the users. This means that both instances must see each other and remote sharing must be allowed in both of them.
Basically, instance A must be able to create a remote share to instance B and viceversa.

hi @jvillafanez, I understood that point but what if I want to delete the instance A from which the shares are pointing to instance B, In that case, I will lose my shares in instance B right?

If there are any shares still pointing to that instance, yes.
It’s expected that you move all the users (or the ones you want to transfer) to the new instance, so once you move them, the shares between them should be local.

If you have user1 and user2 in instance A, with a share from user1 to user2, after transferring both users to the instance B, you should have the same local share from user1 to user2 in instance B.

Actually, that should be the ideal scenario but in my case shares are coming as an external share from the source instance to destination instance and it is not changing into local share in the destination instance even after importing all the users.

Maybe that share isn’t automatically deleted, but there should be a local share created.

I mean, you have user1 in instance A sharing a file with user2 in instance B. If you transfer the user1 to instance B, it’s normal that the initial share is still there because you’re importing the user in instance B and don’t have access to instance A. Anyway, there should be a new local share for user1 to user2 in instance B, which should be the one matching the initial share.
Note that there isn’t a real conversion, but a new local share is created.

In addition, note that you’re kind of expected to delete the account in instance A once the user has been transferred correctly, so that share should be removed along with the account.

When I execute the instance:export:migrate:share command,I am getting a notification in instance B for accepting the share and when I accept the share is created from user A of instance A and User B of instance B eventhough I am having both the users in instance B and If I am deleting the instance A the share is deleted completly along with that.

Please double-check the steps you’re performing while importing the users.

You’re expected to import the users one by one, following the process described in
Basically, the process is export -> copy -> import -> migrate (the delete is optional), and you need to perform the same process for each user you want to transfer.
Importing users in bulk isn’t documented, so assume it isn’t supported. You aren’t supposed to import user 1, 2 and 3 and then migrate the shares.

Thank you, I have one more query when I migrate the data the timestamp of data is not getting preserved, is it supposed to work like that or is there some error in my methodology.

I don’t think it’s implemented.

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Ok, I am getting one more problem the migration is getting stopped at the middle once the file which is shared to others is encountered. This problem is not there all the time but it keeps on coming and going.

Do you get an error message anywhere? Is there a verbosity option on the command that you could use?
If you get an exception you could open an issue in the github issue tracker.

I am not getting any error message, just it is like showing like finished properly but when I open the instance the files are not migrated. I dont know whethere we can use verbosity option in the command.

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