Data folder issue

'm on a share host apache 2.4 php 5.6 mysql 5.5 oc 10.0.3 installed from scratch on a test environment with a data folder data_10.0.3. I started owncloud and decide to start in production with a data folder data_owncloud, with respect to my naming rules:
I renamed data_10.0.3 in data_owncloud on the share host and restarted owncloud. I now have 2 data folder : the one indicated on the config.php "data_owncloud" which is required to start owncloud and the data folder with which I started at first data_10.0.3 that contains the files that I add now.
Is there a possibility to get rid of the data folder data_10.0.3 that I first used or should I re-install from scratch with my naming convention ?
thank you for helping


I would recommend a clean new install if you are on a test environment.

Otherwise this could be helpful:

Thank you. I re-installed the whole.
I got this message and however, I could start owncloud.
{"reqId":"WgjGGAoAPUkAADeXUm8AAACm","level":3,"time":"2017-11-12T22:07:20+00:00","remoteAddr":"","user":"gilles","app":"PHP","method":"GET","url":"\/nuage_10.0.3\/owncloud\/index.php\/settings\/admin?sectionid=general","message":"opendir(\/home\/infoadre\/www\/nuage_10.0.3\/owncloud\/themes): failed to open dir: No such file or directory at \/home\/infoadre\/www\/nuage_10.0.3\/owncloud\/apps\/templateeditor\/lib\/mailtemplate.php#155"}

Should I re-install, correct or forget the message ?

Thanks for help

So after reinstalling you still got an error?

Can you tell me what guide you were following?

Also what setup do you have:

External storage, LDAP, custom theming?

I have no external storage neither LDAP. The log tells that owncloud failed opening the folder /themes
I want to install owncloud and data folder on the root of a folder named "cloud"

Everything looks good even with the error message displayed at the end of installation. It's related to theme and have no consequence. Let you refresh the page and everything is OK.

For naming convention, be sure not to change the address of owncloud's data folder because owncloud remember it and you would have 2 data folders as described in my message. You then get to install owncloud with the right names : both folder where the cloud is located and data folder name itself.

good luck