Data Migration using Data Exporter in Owncloud 10.0.4

I am having a server using File storage backend with users integrated using LDAP, I want to make a new instance using Object storage as backend, I am using data exporter to migrate the data between instances but is there any way to export the data as a bulk instead of user by user using LDAP.

I don’t think so. It was designed to minimize the system’s downtime. In this sense, while you can disable one user and start exporting the data, the rest of the users can still use the old ownCloud until they’re transferred.

Note that transferring the data could take a lot of time if we’re considering GB of data.


@jvillafanez Thank you so much, thought there might be some way to do this as the job is very hectic because there are nearly 300 users and will take a lot of time. Anyways if there is no other go ,will have to do that one by one only

I have one more doubt. Using this app,can I import all the versions of a particular file or only the latest version to a new instance

I’m not fully sure, but I’d say no.
However, I don’t think it’s important to keep the versions. I mean, users should be interested in the last version of the file. Moving the versions will also take more space, and as said, they probably won’t be needed.