"Date Modified" field blank; cannot sync

  • Raspberry Pi 2
  • ownCloud 10.0.03
  • PHP 7

Issue: "Date Modified" field is blank after any file is sync'd and download from the server; completely breaks further sync capabilities due to lack of time stamp.

Explanation: The "Date Modified" field (viewed on Windows) shows the time when the item is created/modified on the computer on which it originated, but when that file is sync'd to any other computer and downloaded from the server (I'm using the OC desktop client), the "Date Modified" field is blank.

When did the issue begin occurring?: I'm not totally sure, but I had recently upgraded to PHP 7 and OC to version 10. These changes might be involved?

Additional notes: This error occurs no matter what computer created the file: anytime a file is sync'd over OC and downloads to another computer, the "Date Modified" field is blank, so it cannot be further sync'd. No file conflicts are occurring because there is no time stamp against which to compare, but different versions will persist on different machines and not be detected as modified because there is no modification date.

Does anyone know why this is occurring, or what factors influence time stamping that could be involved, whether with OC or perhaps PHP? I've never seen this error before and am not sure what to do.

Upon closer inspection, when viewing the file properties, the "Date Modified" field for all recently sync'd files actually says "December 31, 1969"...

Didn't get help here, so finally decided to migrate to Nextcloud. Now everything is working... I guess I'll stick with Nextcloud.