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I updated the new server 10.* and now, when user send a file, the modify date is the a really modify date … but i prefer had the upload date, same was with server version 9.*

Thks for your help :slight_smile:


Sounds to me like you want to craete a Feature request :slight_smile:


Oh sorry! I think I already might have redirected @DGTL from the issue tracker to here ? :no_mouth:


Hello, yes is my associate wrote this message, but … no answering is right for me, and can solve my problem.
Please, i need you =’(



but if there is no such setting (i’m not aware of any as well) then the forums here is not much of an help or am i wrong?


Euuuh … but … before update … the date of file was right … it’s a bug ? Or … I hope, it’s possible to modify a setting. So, Tom, i thing : It’s a good idea for write in the forum for try search a help :slight_smile:



maybe just the behavior was changed and it is expected that the new version is using the real data of the file and not the upload date?


Sorry, but this is exactly why you should always check the new version against your requirements, BEFORE updating. Afterwards its too late, The behavior might have changed for some reasons. Personally I’m never interested in the upload date of a file, but its modification timestamp is much more important.

I strongly hope you can find your way with the new version.


I am having the same question / issue. Is there a way to display the UPLOAD date in addition to the Last Updated Date (windows properties) in the online table view? I know the system tracks both, but how can we expose both to our end users?



i think you probably need to follow the advise given by @dmitry previously: