DAVdroid-sync-problem (calendar)

Dear forum,
I have problems with syncing my android-phone-calendar with my ownCloud calendar.
My setting:
Thunderbird Lightning (latest version), 3 calendars, syncing with ownCloud works correctly
Android 7.1.1: 2 of the calendars are synced with the cellphone correctly, one of my calendars is not synced except I type the event in the phone, then it is synced with ownCloud and lightning.
As calendar-app I use aCalendar, but the events from ownCloud don't appear in the standard-calendar-app as well.

All of my 3 calendars are listed correctly in the DAVdroid-app and in the calendar-app.

Several clear installations didn't help, even a reset of the whole phone had no effects.

Are there any further suggestions?


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What is your owncloud server version?

We had a regression in 10.0.4 which has side effects with respect to CalDAV and CardDAV.

World4You Cloud 8.2.10 (stable)

You better get in touch with your hoster then. THX

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I did so in the moment, when I saw the version of "world4you-cloud" and the latest release of ownCloud. Now I waiting for a response from my hoster, and then we'll see.

I also asked my hoster whow their release-number is related to the ownCloud release-number.

Meanwhile thanks for the answere.


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Answer from host-support: the cloud I use is a unique one and only compatible with ownCloud.

I suppose you speak german (due to you name) so I have attached the supports answer.


Well .... this still does not answer which version of owncloud server they are running.

Generally speaking: davdroid works with owncloud - I'm using this myself.

Then you mean this:

if 8.2.10 is the owncloud version you are lost on a hopeless out dated version
8.2 is end of life since May last year - https://github.com/owncloud/core/wiki/Maintenance-and-Release-Schedule

Another mail to my hoster...
Thanks at this point!

Answer of the technical-support of my hoster: their cloud-version is still compatible with owncloud.

Sounds not really helpful to me.


After having a closer look at your hoster - this is for sure a 8.2.10 ownCloud server.

This version is dead since May 2017.

The calendar implementation of this version was very old and had issues and was re-implemented in ownCloud 9.

Please tell your hoster to update immediately.

I'm sorry to say but we cannot help out for such an old server version.

I've forewarded your reply to my hoster.

Many thanks so far.