DB Table change

I need to add columns to an existing DB table of my audioplayer.

How do I do this?
Is it as simple as modifying the database.xml or is there some kind of upgrade-scripting involved?


Yes - "simply" add the column to the xml structure.
Careful testing on all supported dbms is highly advised.

Thank you for the good news.

Testing on all is difficult in terms of ressources for me. Would need many installations locally :frowning:

But when evaluating the risks: what could be the problem? The adding itself or an unsupported definition?
The last one can be managed by only using what was used for others already.

Basically all app developers use https://travis-ci.org for automated testing.
You have the possibility to run your application unit tests against different databases.

This is never easily answered. This is software engineering and different dbms have different charactaristics.
Furthermore what is defined in the xml might be differently interpreted in the dbms.

What exactly are you trying to add?

coming from one construction zone to the next one.
just had a quick look and its seems to be quite some setup project to get it running.

my requirement would just be to add one more column to a table

on another table the original maintainer did not add an autoincrement-ID.
but this is definately a bigger issue that I would skip for now