Debian 9 : packages?

Can we expect the Debian 9 (stretch) packages to be out soon ?

And with Owncloud 10

I am looking at a page from this URL:

It has "Debian 9.0".

But, I am confused as there are two of it:

  • For Debian 9.0 update
  • For Debian 9.0

Which one should I use?

Both should work, Debian 9.0 update means packages are built against debian 9.0 plus released package updates and not against initially released versions.


This is quite interesting: the install documentation lists "10.0.2" as the latest stable version for the "Archive File", "Web Installer" and "Appliances" installation methods, but for the "Packages" installer the latest stable version appears to be 9.1.6. And on the download page we have:

  • The repository for Debian 9 (released June 17th) is missing.
  • It offers packages for openSUSE Leap 42.3 (which is only to be released in 2 weeks, heh! :))
  • The repository for Univention 4.2 (released in April) is missing.
  • No repository for Fedora? Not that I'd care, but I wonder why they should be left out.

I noticed that as well. Wondering when the repositories will be updated with the 10+ versions.

Same here for Ubuntu, any idea when the owncloud 10 packages will be available as "stable" packages ?

Why not using where you can find the 10 packages?

To not have to think about it with each new version ... and because as soon as it is not in the stable branch we don't know if it's ... stable

Then i think you shouldn't think about it and as soon as the version is "stable" it will be in the "stable" repository. :slight_smile:

Yes, you're right ! :slight_smile:
But I can't help thinking about it following the teasing of v10 (new market place) ... and 10.0.2 is available since several weeks (months ?) now so it's weird it takes so much time to land on stable packages

I guess / it could be possible that they are waiting for the next release 10.0.3 until 10 is considered to be stable.