Debian Wheezy repository missing

It seems that, as of sometime on Thursday, the Debian 7 repository disappeared, and it is not listed on the "Install package owncloud-files" page. From where do we upgrade to version 10?

Wheezy has PHP5.4 bundled and can run ownCloud 9.1.

Needs updated PHP for ownCloud 10 e.g. from Dotdeb:

just add Dotdeb repo into apt sources and update PHP to 5.6

thanks to @vicdeo

Wheezy's PHP is too old for oC 10.
In case you want update to oC 10 on Wheezy you need to update PHP and PHP extensions at least to 5.6 first.
And then switch oC repo to Debian 8.0. It has no 8.0-specific dependencies as far as I see.

Thanks guys. I guess that means Debian 7 is no longer supported.

Correcr Debian 7 is no longer supported. therefore packages are no longer provided.

We need to update the documentation to make that clear, which will be soon done.