Debugging SMB problems with OC 9.0



Environment: RootServer
Server: Apache2
Database: Sqlite
Client: Windows 10 Client
Versions of OwnCloud and PHP:9.0.4-1.1 && 5.4.45
Logfiles often contain additional information about an error: viewtopic.php?f=17&t=7330

I just upgraded to OC 9 and now my Windows 10 client has trouble seeing any files. The upgrade was not exactly smooth. While updating general packages, including Samba, my Debian Wheezy server ran out of space in /var. I cleared out a bunch of old .deb's from the cache and it continued. After that (and a reboot and some health checks) I updated the apt repository, did the apt owncloud upgrade, took it out of maintenance mode and did the webpage update.

That seemed to go well except I think I'm stuck with a generic Samba configuration. When I do smbclient -L I see it listed, but there are no samba filesystems shared. Just print$ and IPC$

When checked /etc/samba/smb.conf, it was generic.

Also the "user_backends" stanza is missing from owncloud/config/config.php . It just has the $CONFIG array.

On top of it, Windows 10 was an unwanted/undesired/denied/happened-anyway upgrade from 7 (thank you Microsoft), so I'm not entirely sure it works OK, but I'm sure my Samba should be sharing more than it does. All my Linux clients work fine, before and after Windows 7->10 and OC 8->9.

If someone can point me to Samba specific configuration checks, and/or a procedure to reconfigure Samba, I'd appreciate it.


Do you use the latest Windows client, version 2.2.2?
Do you have this problem only on SMB storage or on local Linux storage as well?
How do you use SMB, via external storage feature or did you mount it into your file system?


Thank you for your response. You nailed it in the first question. I was still using 1.7.something, I was thinking I had upgraded the client, in fact I had only downloaded but not installed the upgrade. Once the client was upgraded, everything synced just fine.

Apparently OC 8 to 9 has changed from Samba to download as the default sync method? I never set up Samba per se, but I was getting Share errors on the Client side, so I was so convinced my server was messed up, given my bumpy OC server upgrade experience.

Anyway, we can mark this one Solved. Use OC client 2.2.2 or later with OC 9.



for better Samba support also make sure that you have installed which is recommended over the old fallback which used the smbclient binary.


Thank you, but unless I find a need to switch back to using Samba as my Sync method, what I have now is working fine. I try to have as few optional services running on my server as possible.