Decreasing download and upload speed

Steps to reproduce
1. Test download/upload speed
2. Move several large video files from server to desktop using client app
3. Check download speeds by hovering over the sync button

Expected behaviour
Should be downloading and uploading files at ~30MB/s and ~10MB/s (low estimates), optimising network speed

Actual behaviour
Download speed of 500kb/s, upload of 200kb/s. Initial speeds show normal download and upload speed but this rapidly decreases. Tested on multiple networks (wired and wireless)

Client configuration
Client version: 2.3.1 build 6824
Client operating system: Windows 10 14393

Will be included in our 10.0 performance quest during the Beta phase. Do you have a chance to test it out?

And which server version @seanfirth14 ?


I believe it is server version 9.14 but as suggested above the 10.0 beta is going to be tested soon. I'll post back when it is running on 10.0.

This should be faster on older OC versions as well. Can you see the load of your server to find the bottleneck?
If you have a fast network connection to your server, you might want to try a higher chunk size (the default size of 5 MB creates a lot of chunks for large files):