Decryptin issue

Hi there
Im runngin owncloud :
occ status :
- installed: true
- version:
- versionstring: 10.0.4
- edition: Community

Im having 2 family users who use my home server.

I use to enable server side encryption i now cant decrypt files .
Im doing this

enabling single user , then

occ encryption:disable
- Encryption i s already disabled

occ encryption:status
- enabled: true
- defaultModule: OC_DEFAULT_MODULE

When i tried to decrypt all (for specific user) it says

"Files for following users couldn't be decrypted,
maybe the user is not set up in a way that supports this operation:

Server side encryption remains enabled "

What im doing wrong ?

All files are now crypted and im lost.Cant do nothing about it.
Files on server are crypted . Ive downloaded one picture and open it and first 2 lines are


I know all of my passwords for users.