Decryption of user files

I'm running 8.2.2. I'm trying to decrypt the user files on the server. First I ran this:
sudo -u www-data php occ encryption:disable

Then when i ran:
sudo -u www-data php occ encryption:decrypt-all

I got this:
Server side encryption not enabled. Nothing to do.

So how do I actually decrypt the files? I can still access them in the web interface. I have not tried reenabling the encryption module because I'm not sure if the system will try to encrypt the files again.


only new uploaded files are encrypted:

For performance reasons, when you enable encryption on an ownCloud server only new and changed files are encrypted.

so it should be safe to enable encryption again. Before messing around with the encryption its advised to do a good backup and to update from 8.2.2 to 8.2.7 first: