Default send "Shared with me" to a folder

When someone shares a folder or a file they appear in the addressee root folder

If the addresse is syncing some folders (and not the root one) he'll need to add a sync.

There's a way to have a virtual "sharingin" folder to sync?
Or a way to set the sharing in to be dropped in any other choosed folder?

I'll like to be able to set up the sync so when someone shares something with me it appears automagically in my hard drive.

If not possible now I think it will be a nice new feature.
'share_folder' => '/',

Define a default folder for shared files and folders other than root.

as per the above, you can define this in config.php

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Wondering if this should/could not be a GUI option for the admin and why maybe even a user would wish to configure this for himself?! Discussion welcome!

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Yes, sounds like a good idea. Raised here

And it will also be nice to have just so that "rubbish" shared with me my other people does not pollute my (nicely organised :slight_smile: ) folder list at the top level. I won't have to bother moving such received shares myself.