Dekstop app background update ... any suggestions

Dear friends
I have been using owncloud for a long time, I’ve got a linux server with several clients: Windows, Linux and Mascox.
I would like to ask you an opinion on how to update the client in Windows systems without showing any message to the user who is using the PC.
I know about “administrative privileges” are required to update, but my users aren’t administrators in their Windows systems.
So is there any program that I can run in batch mode to update owncloud client ?
Thanks a lot
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You can prevent auto-updates for your users:
Automatic Updating of the Desktop Client :: ownCloud Documentation

On Windows, you can use msiexec for automated installs and updates. Here you can find more information:
Installing the Desktop Synchronization Client :: ownCloud Documentation

Dear Micheal
for msiexec , can you tell more information about automatic background update ?
I see that this tool can make a slient installation with some options but I didn’t read
nothing about an udpate after installation.
am I making a mistake ?


If you perform the steps with a newer version, it will update the existing version.

Nothing automatic or background. You as an admin need to run msiexec on those machines with your batch script when your users aren’t working.

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