Delete not necessary files (f.i. thumbnails)


I host my owncloud at IONOS Shared Webspace.

The problem now is, that I only can store 260k files on my webspace which now runs out, although I only stored 40000 files in my owncloud.

now I found that I’ve thousands of thumbnails. I removed the gallery app, but the thumbnails are still there in DATA/USER/thumbnails.

I can’t run any commands via console, because there is no console on my shared hoster.

can I easily delete the thumbs folder without bricking my owncloud?

Or is there a way for me to manage this problem?

Thanks a lot for your help.

Not really. You need to be able to run occ in order to manage it easily.

I would mount the webspace locally to run a command to delete all thumbnail folders.

But you still have all the thumbnails referenced in your ownCloud database. For that I would normally recommend to run a files:scan --repair however that’s not possible for you.
So you will have to go into the database and manually delete the entries in the oc_filecache table. Be very careful if you go down that route.

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Hello Wolkenreich

Shared Hosting in 1und1 does allow ssh Access (Putty or Winscp)

revoke PHP 7 ist die Lösung:

Ist der magische Befehl bei 1und1, um einen PHP 7 in einem anderen Verzeichnis aus der Shell heraus zu starten

Cd Owncloud

/usr/bin/php7.1-cli occ files:scan --all

/usr/bin/php7.1-cli occ upgrade

With this command-sequence you can run any OCC command in a terminal Window of 1und1

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I assume you could disable the generation of thumbnails in your config.php:

'enable_previews' => false,

See file config.sample.php. Then you could remove all thumbnails with the file manager of your choice.

I don’t think that this will break anything.
EDIT: Beware, without thumbnails, there is no picture viewing possible.


thanks a lot. after 10 years using 1&1 this are really good news.

now I installed putty and got connected.

please help me to understand the commands:

occ files:scan --all … what does it? delete the thumbnails?
occ upgrade … what does it? I’m not up do date with my installation (it is actually 10.0.10) - but every time I update I lost my installation (white screen and php errors) so I really don’t want to update the whole installation.

EDIT: the best think for me could be, that the thumbnails are not cached to my webspace when generated. it would last longer to load/view, but this is not a problem, because I use the webinterface rarely.

thanks a lot again.

thanks for this information.

I think it is okay for me to delete all old thumbnails from time to time and then reactivate the gallery.

Hello Wolkenstein,

the OCC-command is the Key to manage your installation, there is a compendium on

to foster all functionalities. Something like an app-shell… J

Now the issue with the thumbnails is new to me – and I (up-to-now) do not know, what specific command does help you to clean-up the respective directory, BUT I can recommend definitely to use the command an prepare your Installation and upgrade it to the current level

Eventually we can connect directly and setup a video-call, so I understand better your current situation.

One command following this threat already explained the config.php addendum, so eventually by the end of the day the set of issues are already solved

Yours Lutz

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