Delete user directories owncloud 10.0.7

I have an Owncloud server, 10.0.7 on Ubuntu.

I have a number of user directories that appear to have been left behind when the users were deleted. /var/www/owncloudData/username

Can I just delete these directories or is there some database maintenance I will need to do?

thanks in advance

If the users are really gone and you need the space, you can delete the user directories.

How did you delete the users?

I don’t know how they were deleted. I’ve just inherited the job of cleaning up some space.

This server has been around for a while. Some of the user directories also have two version of the trashbin, files-trashbin and files_trashbin. Is it ok to delete the “files-trashbin” directories? The trashbin:cleanup only gets rid of “files_trashbin”

thanks again