Deleted Files - Access for all users

I've read the documentation for "Managing Deleted Files" and can confirm it work's like it's written.

But is there any possibility to change this behaviour? I need to allow all users the file was shared with to put the file back from the recycle bin... is there maybe a config for the server to allow this?


No that's not possible. I moved it to feature requests.

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User Story

As a User I except to find all kind of deleted files in my 'Deleted files' section, even the files are only shared with me.


In our support the most issue which comes up is, that users complain about missing files. It's time-consuming to find the user which had deleted the file, to beg him to restore the file.

I think the deleted file is alway in the trash-bin of the directory owner and also in the trash bin of the user deleting it.

Yes, @tflidd,

If an user deleted a file inside a folder that has been shared with him, the file is deleted for all users, the user can restore the file from the trash-bin and also always the owner of the folder can restore the deleted file from the trash-bin.

If an user deleted a file that has been shared with him, the user can not restore and rest of user still can access to the file. The file is not deleted, it is just removed as shared with this user.