Deleted files go to the garbage

Hi guys, i've got a request about owncloud and i was wondering if someone can help me ?

Steps to reproduce
1. Create a file by the web interface.
2. Let the client installed on the PC synchronize this file.
3. Delete the file from the web panel.
4. Want the owncloud client delete this file by putting it in the garbage; in the way to still have a backup of it.
And if possible to have this on all the PC connected on the same account.

Expected behaviour
Want the deleted file on the client go to the garbage.

Actual behaviour
They are destroyed everywhere, so if my account went hacked, i could lost everything...

Client configuration
Client version: Lastest (I don't find the version)
Client operating system: Windows Seven and Linux Debian with Mint.

Server configuration
Operating system: Debian Stretch.
Web server: Apache2
ownCloud version : ownCloud 9.1.4 (stable)
Updated from an older ownCloud or fresh install: Fresh install

Thank you ! :slight_smile:

The idea is that the files survive on the server side. Have a look into deleted files (trashbin) there. They will be at the person who deleted the file as well as the owner of the file.

Yes so as i said, if the password is hacked, the hacker can destroy everything, even the trashbin server side.
That would be a real nightmare if this happend to one of my future clients...
Imagine, they start their PC and suddenly, everything is definitely erased on.

Otherwise, i'm still wondering what happen if the NFS mount point fall, mount point where the files are stored.
Does owncloud detect this as if they have been removed or it use a history of the erased files into a database and do nothing ?

Thx !

You should do backups and don't rely on ownCloud detecting such anomalies / attacks etc. ownCloud is about syncing your files, not about saving you from data loss (see e.g. the discussion in

Yes, ownCloud will detect if the datadir is lost.

If one option was add in the client, it could be used for a data loss too.
OVH with their client on their Hubic service put the deleted file into the garbage.
And this option is really not so hard to program, a simple if else with two different procedures to call, one to delete the file, one to move it into the garbage.

Thank you for your help !

EDIT : Interesting your link, i didn't see it.

Sure, everything could be added as an option / feature :slight_smile:. But the reasons where discussed in that previously posted link and explained why they choosed to not implement it.

Furthermore you shouldn't see the data put into ownCloud "safe" as you can't count it as a backup like explained at e.g. . There should be additional backup mechanisms in place to avoid data loss if any of your scenario will happen.

Concerning this question some additional documentation is available at [1].