Deleted folder - where to find it?


an important folder was deleted 1 day ago from main view of OnwCloud. I cant find it in the Deletead files catalogue. What can I do to restore it?


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For shared files, the owner should be able to restore it.

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When this was a share, got to “Files” in your ownCloud and click “Shared with me” - there you will see a list of shares where you can re-accept incoming (but deleted) shares.

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Ok, I will ask the owner. Thanks!

I can’t find re-accept incoming (but deleted) shares in the “Shared with me”. I see only actual shared folders. I have version: ownCloud 8.2.6 (stable)


this seems to be a heavily outdated version of ownCloud to me. Maybe only newer versions of ownCloud provides the mentioned functionality?

Independent from the above i think your installation needs an update ASAP because the