Deleting a connection with the owncloud-client after restart



I'm on Kubuntu, I have connections that's OK, but when I add a connection, it disappears restart disable !
What should I do to keep it ?


Please take some time and describe your issue with a few more details. I think its not really clear what issue you're facing.


I installed owncloud-client. I have 3 cloud accounts. The three accounts work, I can connect with owncloud-client. But for the latter, with each restart, the account is kept in owncloud-client.


Yes, with is the expected behavior. Why do you think that the sync client should not keep previous configured accounts / connections? This is one of these rare use cases which are very unlikely supported and never will get into the sync client.


It is a mistake, I mean that the account is not kept in owncloud-client


Ahhh, then its more clear :slight_smile:

If that is the case please create a new bugreport at:


It's done :