Deleting disabled LDAP user profile and data


I recently got no space left (0% free space) on my server and because of this I’m getting the error “You took too long to log in” while trying to authenticate.
I’d like to remove profile/files from ldap user that’s desabled.
How could I do that?
I already cleaned my all user trashbin, however, ins’t enough.

Thanks in advance

@edit I’d like to do it from linux terminal as root user

Unless you plan to re-enable the user at some point, you should remove the account. And if you plan to re-enable the user, manipulating the files within the account sounds a terrible idea: how could I trust you (or your service) if some files disappeared without a warning?

In order to remove the LDAP account, you need to remove the user from LDAP (or make sure the user isn’t recognized any longer by ownCloud), and then remove the user from ownCloud.
Note that removing the account will also remove the account’s data.

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