Deleting Files and Directories

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I am using OC 10.5 on Ubuntu 20.10 server and desktop 2.7 on windows 10. Creating directories and files through the desktop client works perfectly. It takes about 2-3 minutes for the changes to show on my server (I have about 2.4mm files) which is acceptable to me. The problem I am having is that deletions made on the desktop client are not showing on the file server. I don’t know if this is a permissions issue, done by design, etc. Can anyone please point me in the right direction?

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Is this happening with both files and directories ?

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Thanks for asking. Yes, it is happening with both.

I stand corrected - it appears to be directories only.

Could you send the server and client logs? :slight_smile:

Erwin Palma

The issue is actually under investigation.
We will keep you posted.

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Thank you.

If it’s helpful, the local log says access to the directory is Forbidden and the server states that Permission is Denied despite the user having full rights.

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If your post the server and client logs output could be great!!!


Hi @finco

Can you test the issue with an up to date windows ?

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Thank you for the follow-up:

I just did a full update of windows and now I am getting a file lock error as below. I can also confirm that my other users are not experiencing this issue. I have full admin rights as does one of my coworkers and it is working properly for him.

The error message from the server is as follows:
{“reqId”:“71c6d739-409a-4378-b0fb-9ed7c3f2e290”,“level”:4,“time”:“2021-02-10T16:28:20+00:00”,“remoteAddr”:“”,“user”:“1B3C19E4-FE8D-49B2-B845-3F9F9C8993F4”,“app”:“webdav”,“method”:“DELETE”,“url”:"/remote.php/dav/files/1B3C19E4-FE8D-49B2-B845-3F9F9C8993F4/M%20Drive/Admin/MAB/TestEE",“message”:“Exception: HTTP/1.1 423 “M Drive/Admin/MAB/TestEE” is locked: {“Exception”:“OCA\\DAV\\Connector\\Sabre\\Exception\\FileLocked”,“Message”:”\“M Drive\/Admin\/MAB\/TestEE\” is locked",“Code”:0,“Trace”:"#0 \/var\/www\/html\/owncloud\/lib\/composer\/sabre\/dav\/lib\/DAV\/Tree.php(181): OCA\\DAV\\Connector\\Sabre\\Directory->delete()\n#1 \/var\/www\/html\/owncloud\/lib\/composer\/sabre\/dav\/lib\/DAV\/CorePlugin.php(281): Sabre\\DAV\\Tree->delete()\n#2 \/var\/www\/html\/owncloud\/lib\/composer\/sabre\/event\/lib\/WildcardEmitterTrait.php(89): Sabre\\DAV\\CorePlugin->httpDelete()\n#3 \/var\/www\/html\/owncloud\/lib\/composer\/sabre\/dav\/lib\/DAV\/Server.php(470): Sabre\\DAV\\Server->emit()\n#4 \/var\/www\/html\/owncloud\/lib\/composer\/sabre\/dav\/lib\/DAV\/Server.php(251): Sabre\\DAV\\Server->invokeMethod()\n#5 \/var\/www\/html\/owncloud\/apps\/dav\/lib\/Server.php(329): Sabre\\DAV\\Server->start()\n#6 \/var\/www\/html\/owncloud\/apps\/dav\/appinfo\/v2\/remote.php(31): OCA\\DAV\\Server->exec()\n#7 \/var\/www\/html\/owncloud\/remote.php(165): require_once(’\/var\/www\/html\/o…’)\n#8