Delta sync, working?

Delta sync is supposed to be live now, for desktop clients, right?

I use 2.5.1 under windows 7 and 8 right now for syncing data logger files from field computers with a central computer. The field computers are connected via 3G/4G which brings bandwidth limits. The files I’m syncing (custom CSV format, TOA5, file extension DAT) per site are ~6-8MB in size and get a line added every half hour, all day long.
So currently I am seeing ~300MB traffic each day, which is complete file syncing and not delta syncing.

What do I miss?


[edit] totally forgot, the server side is being managed by AARNET with a cloudstor server implementation I guess

As far as I know, delta sync will come with desktop version 2.6. See:


It’s already included in the daily 2.6 pre-release builds:;O=D

The plan is, to release a 2.6.0-alpha1 soonish…

You also need a server side component. I’m not sure if AARNet feels comfortable to enable this on their production instances?


Thanks for the info @karakayasemi. Very insightful.

@michaelstingl, yes, I’m on contact with them and pointed the support at the delta sync info from April last year.
Will see what comes of it and post back here.

My files are small, but the traffic they generate add up over a month. 300MB ea day for 30 days is way over the pool limit I got for this. :wink:

Correct me if I’m wrong, but delta sync requires ownCloud 11 (currently 11.0.0 prealpha, code might be available in daily build), which is under development. ownCloud 10.0.10 doesn’t have support, and I’m not sure about 10.1 (which is expected to be released “soon”)

Here it was merged in master:

AARNET doesn’t have this feature at this point in time, but it will be available with one of their next updates, I’ve been told.

So thanks all for the info.