Deploy Owncloud in GCP console

Hi all,

I have a problem when performing depoy in GCP console

, after configuring the settings, I have failed to deploy.

“Manifest expansion encountered the following errors: Exception in Traceback (most recent call last): return constructorm File “”, line 188, in GenerateConfig File “”, line 161, in _Waiter File “”, line 131, in _WaiterDependsOn AttributeError: module ‘types’ has no attribute ‘StringTypes’ Resource: Resource: config”

Can you perhaps explain a little more? What product are you using in GCP? Is it something Kubernetes?
Perhaps provide what you have provided to GCP to deploy ownCloud, as I doubt they have a one click installer. And if they do, please get in touch with their support.

Unfortuntately I haven’t used GCP yet, so I have no clue whatsoever about it’s specific functionality and interface. However in the end it is also just a web hoster which is running Linux in one way or another…

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