Desktop app crashes


My desktop app (ownCloud- crashed yesterday with CrashID=3771f8d1-fdef-425f-8e13-6fa8e576b771 on one of my computers (I have two with the same Ubuntu 22.04 and the same Owncloud app, which works fine on the other computer). I removed and replaced the app but the same "core dumped " appends. What can I do?



3.2.1 fixed an AppImage crash:
Release v3.2.1 · owncloud/client · GitHub

Thanks but not yet available on “desktop-app” Owncloud website and I’m not able to manage the file “v3.2.1.tar.gz” on github Owncloud where there is no ownCloud-3.2.1.XYZ.AppImage file.


Sorry I found the testpilotcloud- file. Thanks!


ownCloud 3.2.1 available too:

That works now! Many thanks


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